Giving Back

A few of the ways our team gives back to the community.

At Terrain, it’s part of the culture-sharing, care and gratitude.  You’ll often find us on the weekends and evenings donating equipment materials and hours.  As we go through life, we’re never too busy to give. We seek to surround ourselves with clients, vendors and team members that share these basic beliefs, that live for a greater cause, that pause to help the weaker, and encourage those that are falling behind and remember that there’s more to life than just the project.

Some of our favorite Charities

Make A Wish Foundation

Make a Wish Foundation

This amazing organization grants the wish of kids with life-threatening diseases every 38 mins in North America – assisting them financially is the least we can do towards their noble work.

Media One Foundation

Medic One Foundation

In 1969, Dr. Leonard Cobb and Seattle Fire Chief Gordon Vickery founded the original Medic One in Seattle. They pioneered the techniques that now save thousands of lives every year. We almost all know someone close to us who has been treated, maybe even had their life saved by these outstanding men and women –

Seattle Tilth

Seattle Tilth

The mission of Seattle Tilth is to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system. Terrain has donated equipment and manpower to help the Tilth create wonderful local community gardens.

Plant Amnesty

Plant Amnesty

This non-profit group helps people understand the correct way to prune and care for trees, keeping the Northwest beautiful. Terrain does everything within our means to provide new homes with displaced healthy plants that we come across in our projects. Donating the plants, as well as our time and labor to families in need rounds out Terrain’s contribution to this worthy cause.

Seattle Humane Society

Humane Society

Barkitecture is a hugely successful event, where the region's best construction and design talent comes together and creates useful doghouses or crates which are auctioned to benefit the Seattle Humane Society, a Charity that does not receive any tax dollars and does an excellent job of animal care and training. See the pictures of the architectural dog crates that Terrain and Team Ripple created for 2013 by visiting our blog.


USO “Supporting Families of the Fallen”

USO works around the world supporting military families and lifting the spirits of those on active duty far from home. For our brave men and women who paid the ultimate price, USO arranges all the families' travel to Dover Airforce Base to witness the return of their loved one. For those of us safe at home, we do what we can, however small and pay tribute to the honored personnel of the US Armed Forces.