Giving Back

A few of the ways our team gives back to the community.

At Terrain, it’s part of our culture—sharing, care, and gratitude. Many weekends and evenings are spent donating equipment materials and hours. As we go through life, we’re never too busy to give. We seek to surround ourselves with clients, vendors, and team members who share this basic moral compass—to live for a greater cause, pause to help the weaker, and encourage those falling behind. There’s more to life than just the project.

Some of our favorite Charities



Every day in some small way, Rapid Relief Team (RRT) volunteers offer a helping hand to those in need. Over time, we’ve channeled our support efforts into four key areas: youth, emergency services, homelessness, health, and disability. The RRT provides warm meals to a variety of America’s charities as a modest gesture of support. From planned menus at larger charity events, to setting up catering camps on the fringe of America’s natural disasters, our volunteers are accredited and trained to provide quality food service when needed.


USO “Supporting Families of the Fallen”

USO works around the world supporting military families and lifting the spirits of those on active duty far from home. For our brave men and women who paid the ultimate price, USO arranges all the families' travel to Dover Airforce Base to witness the return of their loved one. For those of us safe at home, we do what we can, however small, and pay tribute to the honored personnel of the US Armed Forces.