Our Story

Our Story

We started in Seattle in 1994 with a loyal list of yard maintenance clients and determination to do things immaculately. Too young for a driver’s license, custom made bikes and trailers were Terrain’s original mode of transportation.

As the company grew and talent joined, we expanded into landscape construction and technical excavation. Our first employee hires from outside the family are still with us – testimony to Terrain’s caring company culture and continuous fun and tight-knit atmosphere. That reflects in the caring personable team members that you will engage with. We believe with success comes responsibility and spending time on charity projects and supporting charities close to our hearts, which reflects in the caring and personable team members with whom you will engage.

Our strengths lie in luxury residential sites that require a high level of crew conscientiousness. Many of our clients are well known local business leaders and celebrities with sites requiring a high level of security and confidentiality. We are often asked to complete projects for them on their alternate homes globally.

Now fully engaged in Landscape design and construction, we distinguish ourselves with the belief that we must think globally and travel the world extensively. We bring back new products and ideas by networking with landscape industry leaders. We refuse to be parochial staying ahead of the trends and bringing our clients the best the world has to offer.

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