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landscaping / May 07, 2019

Tips On Preparing Your Landscape For Summer

Summer will be here before you know it, but will your landscape be ready? Hot summer days and dry weather can really stress your lawn and landscape. Without proper preparation for summer, all the money, time and effort you invested in your landscape this spring could be harmed.


Here Are Some Tips To Prepare Your Landscape For Summer:

Water the grass every 1 to 3 days. Also, remember to water deeply.  Best practice is to water slowly and gradually – this allows the water to penetrate the root level and avoid runoff.   If possible, try to water at night or in the early morning hours so the moisture does not evaporate in the heat of the day. The morning hours are nice and crisp, and the best time to water because it helps minimize evaporation and fungus. You can also Install an automatic irrigation system to allow for consistent watering. 


Different things will need to be planted at different times. This is one way a landscape contractor can help you. The high heat of summer brings an end to the colorful blooms of spring but it lends itself to lush greenery in its place. One way to keep this color thriving in the summer is to consider planting heat-tolerant annuals. These plants need consistent watering to get established but once they have, they can provide nonstop color throughout the summer and early fall.


Mowing should be done regularly – striving for about once per week however allow your grass to grow no more than 3 inches tall before you start mowing. The best general rule to follow is that you want to keep most grass types at least 2 inches tall - this height helps the grass ward off weeds and withstand summer drought. But don't remove more than a third of the total grass height at any one mowing. Removing too much will stress it.


Fertilizers supplement the nutrients that are already found in soil.  It also keeps grass growing thick and lush. Using the proper fertilizer on your grass is beneficial because it makes the grass handle the heat and drought better, makes it less susceptible to disease, and makes the grass more resistant to insects. Fertilizer should be applied based on grass type and time of year. It is recommended that fertilizer be applied at least twice per year, preferably 4 to 5 times for some. Also, an adequately fertilized lawn requires less water and minimal maintenance.


The benefits of mulch for your summer garden are many. Mulch greatly conserves soil moisture by cutting down on surface evaporation and cooling soil temperatures. This reduces the need for watering by 35-45 percent. The protective layer from mulch shields and feeds the good bacteria in the soil that increase disease and pest resistance and lead to prolific plant growth. Mulch also cuts down on weeds and prevents compaction and erosion.


Landscapes require a lot of care and maintenance during the summer when plants are actively growing. Keep in mind that just because turf turns brown does not mean it is dead. Warm season turf turns brown (goes dormant) in the cooler weather months.   When the weather warms, typically the turf begins to green up and actively start growing again.   

By pruning in summer, you can reap the rewards of better displays from ornamental plants. You’ll also encourage bigger crops from fruit trees and bushes. Removing new summer growth before it turns woody reduces growth-promoting nitrogen, allowing potassium to build up. You’ll also keep plants, such as shrubs, climbers and rambling roses, within bounds and maintain an attractive shape.

Inspecting & Controlling

Spring is a good time to inspect your landscape and take any treatment and preventative measures needed.  Flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees should be inspected for such pests as aphids, grasshoppers, slugs, and snails and treated accordingly.  Spring is also a good time to inspect your fruit trees for scab diseases and other potential concerns. Keeping your landscaping lush and vital during the summer months requires significant preparation and time.


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