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landscaping / January 07, 2020

WHY Plan Your Spring Landscaping Design Projects Now


January & February may seem more like hide away and relax months than planning time, but winter is the perfect time to plan for your spring landscaping design projects!

Know your climate:

Before you get too excited in the garden area, know the climate for your home. This includes your geographic location on the Earth, as well as the climate of your yard. Choose plants appropriate for how much sun, and shade different parts of your lawn receive during the day.

Plant landscaping at the suggested time of yeaR:

While you may be excited to plant your fruit trees and flowering shrubs, many plants will thrive better for years to come if you plant them at the suggested times of year that horticulturists and gardeners suggest. 


Spring is an excellent time of year to establish new plantings, and planning ahead will allow you to think about which plants will fit well with your existing landscape. When choosing landscaping and sizes of plants, estimate how large the plants will grow in 6 weeks, 6 months, etc… If you plant too many small shrubs in front of your living room window, and then find out they are actually small trees, you may have to dig them up soon! Most plants will have height and growth requirements on the pots when purchased from your nursery. Pay attention to these, before you plant.

Get inspired:

For some, inspiration comes from looking at neighboring yards, or traveling to other areas of your town to look at landscaping. You can alos visit our Portfolio for some inspiraton!

Low and high maintenance plants:

The beauty of landscaping and gardening is there are plants for every lifestyle, as well as every taste! If your home has a rustic or desert aesthetic, ornamental grasses that grow wild may be more suitable for your home. While if you live in a tropical region, flowering plants and shrubs may be more suitable. Check with a professional to see which ones suit you and your home.

Beginning construction of a project in late winter/early spring creates less disturbance to you and your family. People have finished their holiday celebrations and visiting, and spring sports have yet to begin having your family running from morning to night. The timing allows for less disruption to your schedule.


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