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landscaping / February 27, 2018

You've been thinking about building a basketball court or multi sport game court for  your kids, and you don't know where to start? Start by thinking about what you want.  Is this going to be a place for the kids to just shoot basketball, or do you want a court large enough for the whole family to play center-net and paddle sports like paddle tennis, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, or short-court tennis.  Larger rectangular courts are also good for games like hockey or shuffleboard. As the court gets larger, some choices are better than others, like concrete or asphalt for a base is more expensive but also easier that trying to perfectly level 1800sf.

See Below One of our Projects - FORMAL SPORT COURT - A perfect space for sports & entertainment.

Location: Washington Park

Services Utilized: 

This client wanted to incorporate a basketball and Pickle ball court when they completed a major home remodel. The space had to also double as the circular driveway and maintain a formal look. Terrain worked with Allworth Design to implement the new court. Utilizing a net ball backdrop and removable Pickle ball posts, the area functions exactly as designed.




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