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landscaping / June 11, 2019

Our Designs Center Around You

Every person who is even in the slightest touch with landscape architecture knows that this profession’s field is incredibly broad. And when something is that complex, it must be important, right? 
Working with the cities best landscape architects and perfecting our craft under their trained eyes - we found a niche in structural excavation, building large retaining walls replacing entire home foundations, installing utilities as well as the landscape installations. As the company grew ad talent joined, we expanded into landscape construction. Now fully engaged in Landscape Designs and construction we distinguish ourselves with the belief that we must think globally, to that end we travel the worlds extensively. Bringing back new products and ideas and networking with landscape industry leaders. We refuse to be parochial staying ahead of the trends and bringing our clients the best the world has to offer.
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Providing proper organization to the space for the success of any landscape design, organization is the key word. Proper organization of the space is related to right plantings, appropriate planning of paths and shortcuts. We like to move through a space with ease while enjoying the view, and landscape architecture is there to fit your needs and vision. Also, we are here to hide any bad view or old facade that is not meant to be seen. All of this is accomplished by implementing the curvy paths, adding a living wall, rockeries etc. That’s why we’re able to make original landscapes, we can get to the core of the space and really understand what’s necessary there.
We have a wide range of materials available to us to use in your landscaping project. We specialize not only in design itself but we also support material handling including material import and export. 
Hardscape is as essential to an outdoor living space as softscape, which is that living, green growing area in your yard. Heavy or light, formal or informal, big or small, natural or man-made, hardscaping helps landscape by adding balance and focus. It serves as a focal point, delineates, adds dimensionality, and helps to decorate a landscape. 
Hardscape, Brick, Composite Decking, Concrete, Loose Materials, Pavers, Stone, Gravel, Tile, Wood – You Name It!
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Landscaping is an art, and like any good artist, a landscape designer has to make a conscious choice about the color palette. You may have a favorite color or prefer that only certain plants be used, but by working with the design principles related to color, these challenges can be easily overcome. There is a time and place for everything and there is also a space for every color. Every shade evokes various emotions and its appearance can vary depending on location.
Nature has a tremendous influence, both on our physical and mental health. Like any other profession, landscape architecture has people from history who are never forgotten. They shaped, developed, and celebrated our profession in such a manner that we will always know their names, as well as their projects. Needless to say, they marked their era with new ideas and styles, and therefore their work can be the source of inspiration for us all today.
Terrain has the skillsets and fabrications shop to handle the full range of your landscape elements. Metal components such as railing, gates, fences, decks and outdoor kitchens are few of what we can create. We work with you and the architect or designer to create the perfect finished product. Click here to see our Design Flow.