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landscaping / September 11, 2018


Design // Dar Webb Landscape Architecture
Construction // GC LZL Construction

Nestled in with large evergreen trees, this new entry and driveway project was designed to preserve and enhance the existing native landscape. Using Gabion walls  to minimize the excavation requirements, we installed gravel patios to allow the root structures to continue to thrive. This Gabion has a unique plant pocket system that individually supplies  irrigation to each of the wall plants. The result is a beautiful living wall. The entry steps are custom cut bluestone that appear to float; and equally impressive by night or day with a custom designed under lite lighting system.

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Gabion Wall, originating from an old Italian word, gabbione, with the meaning "big cage". Gabion walls are sturdy cages made out of galvanized welded mesh or stainless steel wire. These enclosures can be filled with a variety of stone, rock, or soil. They can even be planted. This landscaping product provides a unique and versatile architectural design.

But, it’s key feature is the structural support Gabion walls provide in creating a retaining wall. Gabion walls stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, and can conform to ground movement, thus making this structure a permeable and free draining landscape product. The stock color comes in a galvanized silver tone and will rust with time. It can be powder coated for a more customized look.



Fun Fact: Although, this product is gaining in popularity this year, it has been a trusted product throughout our history. About 7,000 years ago, early gabion-type structures protected the banks of the Nile.