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Modular Concrete Walls

excavation / March 12, 2019

Modular Concrete Walls

Terrain's innovative concrete teams came up with a solution to efficiently pour walls off-site in an industrial zone and deliver to a site via crane that had tight access and noise concerns.

Over (12) 8’ tall walls were constructed with footings and walls in different specifications to the architect’s plan. The walls had crane hooks formed into the footings for lifting eyes. After a week of curing the walls were transported and lifted into place all within a 2 hour time window on to pre-prepared gravel base footing.

This opens up opportunities for numerous sites that have difficult access for cement trucks and concrete boom trucks or are sensitive to heavy truck impact and the usual mess that tends to go with concrete. Now, Terrain can crane in or use their small telehandlers that have rubber tires with low per inch ground pressure and can telescope a 4,000# wall into place quickly and efficiently.

So... get creative on your sites… any type of wall finish or texture can be constructed in an assembly line fashion, reducing costs. Use as accent walls, water feature backdrops, outdoor kitchen accents, gate/entry posts. The ideas are endless.







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